About Us

We provide illustration services for the professional. Whether you are an inventor,an attorney, patent agent or designer, we can provide the drawings you need.

When working on mission critical applications, you rely on your team to support you. It is important to know and trust your staff will come through for you. To gain that confidence, it helps to understand them. The information below is provided to do just that! I hope when you’re done, you will have a better feel for my company and our dedication to your project.

My mechanical sense comes from spending a lot of time in my grandfather’s blacksmith and machine shop and farm. I spent many hours building and repairing many things – from slingshots and horseshoes to carburetors.

I started out in college heading toward an engineering degree. Well, things changed and I graduated with a B.S. degree in Business and Computer Science.I worked for AT&T in marketing. This involved designing, selling and providing instruction on complex telecommunications networks. I spent many years creating solutions for people’s business problems, managing projects and installations for high profile clients all in the Fortune 100.

While my children were young I decided to take a break from the full time treadmill. During this time, I was involved in; helping others who learn differently, the effects and treatments of sleep apnea, and became a CFO for a start-up company. It wasn’t until someone suggested that I merge my computer skills with my technical/scientific background that Intellectual Property Illustrations became the focus of what I do. Graphics came naturally and I brought an understanding and ability to see what an inventor is trying to convey to my projects. Soon my business grew and I added a team to help meet my client’s goals. I made sure my team has the same sense of commitment and an existing skill set that allows them to start helping clients right away.

My clients will tell you that we excel at providing a quality product, in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.